Student Scholarships and Discounts

The Board of Trustees Scholarship

Continuing students with superior academic records are eligible to apply for a Board of Trustees Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded from funds provided by the University. The application procedure involves submission of the Scholarship Application Form, two letters of recommendation, and a brief essay to the Registrar’s Office. The awards will be given based on academic excellence and potential to become an outstanding student at Lincoln University. Students must submit all required documentation at least one month before the beginning of a term. The university Scholarship Committee will interview applicants, select winners and announce them before the term begins. Students’ application for a scholarship may not be granted, but some discount may substitute it.

Discounts and Waivers

Lincoln University (LU) administration has established tuition discounts / waivers policy from the University funds to selected students based on their financial need (such as health problems, family issues, stimulation for future studies, loss of financial support/sponsor, natural disasters) or merit. The discounts are awarded for a specific academic term and cover a part of a student’s tuition. The student may be re-awarded for continuing academic terms after assessment as to whether the specified criteria are still in place. A student, requesting the discount, must submit his/her formal application and a letter explaining the circumstances along with the supporting documents (if any) to the President’s Office. The President may award discounts or waivers at his own discretion. The discount amount is related to the number of units a student plans to take during a semester. If later the student drops some units in the term, the discount will be reduced accordingly.

The Leadbetter and Other Scholarships

Through a contribution of Judge Phillip and Mrs. Ruth Leadbetter, a scholarship fund in their name has been established. A scholarship of $500 is awarded to a selected student who is entering the senior year of the Lincoln University undergraduate program. The application procedure is the same as above.

Private scholarships from organizations or individuals given to selected students are accepted and welcome. These funds are kept on the University account as restricted funds.