Memo: Request for 1098-T

All Foreign/ F-1 students who need the Form 1098-T should make their request to the Accounting Office with the “Request for Form 1098-T” form. Before submitting the form to the …


Commencement Ceremony Preparation

Students who graduated in Academic Year 2021 or plan to graduate in May, July and December 2022 and wish to attend the commencement ceremony must submit their requests to Records …

Scholarships for Ukraine

Scholarships for Ukrainian Student Athletes

Lincoln University (www.lincolnuca.edu ) is looking for donations to arrange 40 full (tuition, living expenses, sport) one-year scholarships for Ukrainian student athletes. Lincoln University is a private, non-profit, non-sectarian university located …

Why Business

Why Study Business?

Selecting an academic discipline is a defining moment for most students. By choosing business studies, you are making an


How to Succeed in Business School

If you are like most business students, you are itching to jump into the raucous world of global commerce determined to create opportunity, prosperity, and value. But first, you want …