Diagnostic Imaging Laboratories

The Ultrasound/ECG Lab at Lincoln University is equipped with a state-of-the-art ultrasound unit of instruments, which are used for various medical imaging applications; the following models are currently present: LCD Sequoia 512, including 15L8W (linear) for small parts, breast and musculoskeletal, 4C1 (curved linear array) for OB/GYN, fetal and general abdominal, 4V1C (phased array/sector) for vascular, cardiac and transcranial, and 2.0 CW Pedoff for transcranial scanning. A 12 leads Hewlett Packard machine and a Schiller ECG machine are used to perform the echocardiogram study. Students’ lab practice is guided and supervised by qualified technicians. The equipment is periodically checked and maintained for accuracy, quality and reliability.