Required International Student Health Insurance

Lincoln University requires all students to have healthcare insurance coverage at the time they register for their courses for the upcoming semester. Students can present evidence of his or her healthcare coverage by presenting an original document provided by the student's healthcare provider to student service that indicates the student by name is covered for the academic term.

Students are strongly encouraged to check with his or her healthcare provider to ensure he or she is covered while attending Lincoln University in California, USA.

Students who do not have healthcare insurance will be provided with a list of healthcare insurance providers who are authorized to do business in California as a resource for them. Lincoln University does not endorse nor recommend specific providers on the list. Students are not required to obtain insurance from this list, it is only a resource form them.

Students are responsible for purchasing his or her healthcare insurance coverage at their own expense.

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In the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us with any immediate questions.

Student Services Office: (510)628-8034 or email: