Student Government

Lincoln University Student AssociationThe Lincoln University Student Association (LUSA) provides a forum for the free exchange of ideas that is essential to the vitality of the academic environment to which students are exposed. This continued freedom of expression is not only vital to any democratic society, but also serves as a directive force in many University programs. The Lincoln University Student Association is composed of represen­tatives of the various ethnic organizations on campus, as well as at-large members and officers elected by the student body every Fall Semester.

The Lincoln University Student Association represents the students in matters of self-government and problems of mutual interest to the student body and the University. Its purpose is to initiate student activities and to help promote the student's welfare on the campus. The Student Association is run by officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), who are elected every Fall Semester.

The Association, in cooperation with other organizations on campus, strives to develop and present varied activities that will meet the social, cultural and academic needs of the student.  Whether held on or off campus or involving a large or small segment of the student body, they reflect the personal orientation of the University.


Message from the LUSA President:

Dear All,

On behalf of all the students of Lincoln University, it is my honor to welcome you to our community of scholars, leaders, and friends in the Lincoln University. Let it be interesting for you and bring new knowledge and discoveries, as well as new challenges.

May you make the best of this coming year. Your decision to attend Lincoln University will be positively impact your life. I would like to ensure you that I would work for the welfare of the students as well as for creative, responsible approach in education, social events, activities and functions in the university. I would inspire my team to continue with the best for better results. We will do the best with courage and dedication. Remember that Lincoln University is the place which you can always approach for new knowledge and excellence and best carrier for your life.

I look forward to meeting as many of you as possible, and I can't wait to see all the incredible things your class accomplishes. I wish you the best of luck! Together we achieve more. 

Your suggestions and queries are always welcomed and appreciated. Please feel free to contact us at

LUSA President


Rajan Kandel
LUSA President