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Photocopier & Printer Fees


Create Your Library Account

In order to borrow library materials and access our electronic resources, users must first create a Library User Account. To do this, fill out the LU Library Account Form and submit it to the Library Staff. You will need to show your Student ID card.


Library Workshops

Library workshops are held throughout the year.  Students can sign up in the library, contact the library staff, or RSVP to the email announcement.

  • Library Orientation - A library orientation workshop is held at the beginning of each session for new students, to introduce them to the LU Library collections.
  • Information Literacy - Library workshops are held throughout the school year to improve search strategies and encourage use of electronic databases.
  • APA Style - APA Style workshops are held several times each semester. The workshop discusses plagiarism, and helps students avoid it by learning how to properly cite resources. 


Library Announcements

All library announcements will be sent to students at their university email account ( Announcements include:

  • Invitations to Library Workshops
  • Login and password to access e-databases
  • Free trials to online resources
  • Information about upcoming events
  • Other library updates


Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

The InterLibrary Loan (ILL) Program strives to fulfill the research needs of our students, faculty, and staff. If a user wants a particular title that is not available in our library or through the local public library system, LU Library will request to borrow the item(s) from another institution. To request an item via ILL request, please fill out the ILL Request Form and submit it to the Library.

To look for—and request—resources in other institutions, search


Printer Fees

The library has one printer for student use. Every Lincoln University student can print up to 25 pages per day for free in the Library or Computer Lab. After that, the fee is $0.10 per page. Please ask the Library Staff for assistance if you want to print more than 25 pages.

Photocopier Fees

The library has one photocopier for student use. Please ask the Library Staff for assistance with photocopy requests.

Photocopy fees:

  • Black & white (single-side) = $.10 per page
  • Black & white (double -side) = $.15 per page
  • Color (single-side) = $.25 per page
  • Color (double -side) = $.50 per page
  • Scan = $.25 per page