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Alumni Profiles

Olga Andzhan
Financial Controller at British Petroleum, Russia
2005 MBA, Finance Management.

Andrey Andzhan
Head of Internal Control at Mega Phone, Russia
2005 MBA, Finance Management.

Introduction to Lincoln University:
- Olga and Andrey started with an MBA course in their country (Pass MBA students from Latvia) and transferred some of their respective credits, this enabled them to complete Lincoln's MBA program within 1.5 years.
-They both heard about Lincoln through a friend.
-Both students had jobs on campus!

  • Olga was a library assistant in the Library.
  • Andrey helped with building maintenance. In fact, Andrey has left his mark at Lincoln because he installed the ventilation system in the basement which is now used as our Student Lounge.

-Both graduated with a Finance Management concentration and chose not to participate in OPT.

Life after graduation:
-Both students moved to Moscow, Russia after graduating from Lincoln University.

  • Immediately after graduating from Lincoln University Olga spent three years working at Deloitte Consulting in Russia.
  • Andrey also received job offer from Deloitte and worked there for three years.

Additional Training:
Both students realized they had to be more competitive so they took additional training which is called 'ACCA' which is Russia's equivalent of the 'CPA'.

Current Positions:

  • Olga is currently the Financial Controller at British Petroleum in Moscow, Russia.
  • Andrey is currently working at 'Mega Phone' a wireless communication company and is the Head of Internal Control in the Accounting department.


  • Olga pinpointed that Dr. Robillard and Professor Kruz were her favorite professors at Lincoln.
  • Andrey says Dr. Robillard was his.

Parting words:
"We received positive feedback about the degree obtained from Lincoln University and that having knowledge and confidence are keys to success", says Olga and Andrey.