Transfer of Credit

Applications are welcome from students who have attended other colleges or universities. Official transcripts of all university courses he/she has taken must be submitted. The student must be in good standing at the school previously attended. Unit of credit or credit hour is a commonly accepted quantification of student academic learning. One semester unit represents the time a student is expected to devote to learning in one week of full-time undergraduate study with two to three hours of preparation for each hour of class, or the equivalent. At the graduate level more than three hours of study for an hour in class is expected. Institutions using other academic calendars generally calculate units of credit relative to semester units. So, one (15-week) semester unit may be equated to 1.5 (10-week) quarter units. Lincoln University may grant credits for coursework with a satisfactory grade taken at recognized schools, including extensions and professional education, provided the courses are applicable to the curriculum the student wishes to pursue at Lincoln University, as determined by the Registrar's Office. Credit units transferred to Lincoln University are recorded, but quality points and grades from other institutions are omitted. The maximum time for transferred students to complete a degree program is evaluated and reflected in the University policy of satisfactory academic progress (SAP, pages 29-31).


A maximum of 93 academic semester units of transfer credit with passing grades "C" or better (or equivalent) may be applied to the BA degree. A maximum of 72 educational and 6 externship credit units with passing grades "C" or better (or equivalents) can be transferred to the BS degree.


A maximum of 18 and 36 units of graduate work with a grade of "B" or better from recognized schools may be accepted as transfer credit for the Master's and Doctor's degrees respectively. Details related to the transfers can be found in the descriptions of each program (pages 46, 52, and 56).