SAP Standard for Title IV Students

Due to federal regulations, standards for Title IV students are the same or stricter than those for non-Title IV students enrolled in the same educational program.

Federal regulations require that all students make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) in a program of study to maintain eligibility for financial aid. SAP includes meeting the minimum GPA requirement for your career, school, college, and/or program; completing 67% of all attempted course work, and completing your degree within 150% of the standard program length.

GPA Requirements
Students must maintain a University GPA consistent with their academic program requirement. The University GPA is the official GPA on the student transcript. This GPA is a cumulative GPA from all courses taken at Lincoln University.

Students may repeat a course one time while utilizing federal aid to cover the course. The Office of Financial Aid will recalculate SAP eligibility based on your current cumulative GPA if you repeat coursework.

Undergraduate Program




Graduate/Professional Program




Completion Rate (Pace of Completion)
All students must progress at a pace that allows the student to complete their program within the maximum allotted timeframe.
The pace is calculated by dividing the number of successfully completed credits by the number of attempted credits. Students must pass at least 67% of all attempted credit hours with a grade of D or better or Pass (P).
Non-passing grades for financial aid are: F (failing), I (incomplete), W (withdraw), Y (no basis for grade), or NC (no-credit).

Attempted credit hours are: all hours for current program, regardless of grade received, transfer hours accepted at LU from any other college or university, and AP or IB college credits (undergraduate only). Repeated and non-passing grades will also count as attempted credit hours even if the grade is no longer calculated in the GPA.

For graduate students, IP (in progress) grades are considered satisfactory and will not affect the completion rate.

Maximum Timeframe
Students have up to 150% of their program length to complete their degree before they become ineligible to receive financial aid (including Federal Direct and PLUS loans).

Refer to the chart below to review the maximum timeframe by degree type:

Degree Type

Maximum Timeframe


187 credit hours

Graduate (Master's)

6 semesters

Maximum timeframe is determined by credit hours for undergraduate programs and is determined by length of program for graduate/professional programs. The maximum credit hours are all attempted hours for current program regardless of grade received, transfer hours accepted at LU from any other college or university, and AP or IB college credits (undergraduate only). Repeated coursework and courses with non-passing grades are also included in maximum credit hours. All coursework is counted whether or not the student received financial aid.

Undergraduate student maximum timeframe is intended for a student to complete all undergraduate coursework including changes in majors or degrees, or a second bachelor's degree.
Graduate Master's student maximum timeframe is calculated by terms. Any term that the student has attempted credit hour enrollment will count towards maximum timeframe except for the summer session because it is optional for the student. Terms are counted toward maximum timeframe if the student receives grades of F, I, Y, NC or IP; or the student withdraws for the term with grades of W. The number of terms is not extended for less than full-time enrollment. All terms except for summer session are counted unless the student received financial aid for the summer session, which is then counted.

SAP is evaluated at the end of every term, including summer, whether or not the student receives financial aid for the term. The first violation results in the student receiving a warning. The second violation results in loss of financial aid eligibility. All notifications will be sent to the student's official university email address.

Any student who fails to meet the satisfactory progress standards for either GPA and/or units completed percentage will be notified and placed on a Financial Aid Warning for one term. Students are still eligible to receive federal aid while on a Financial Aid Warning.  If an undergraduate student has 60 or more non-passing credit hours, a review will also be done to determine if they can complete their program within the maximum timeframe. If it is determined that a student cannot complete their program within the maximum timeframe, they will be automatically suspended from receiving financial aid.