Return of Title IV Funds

When a student withdraws from Lincoln University, the Financial Aid Office must calculate the amount of financial aid that is earned by the student prior to withdrawing. If there is any excess aid received, it is considered unearned. The unearned financial aid must be returned to the appropriate programs. The calculation of the earned financial aid is done on a daily basis beginning with the first day of class. The earned aid is determined by calculating the number of days attended before withdrawing, divided by the total number of days in the semester, excluding breaks. In accordance with Federal Regulations, a student who does not come (no-show case) in all enrolled classes will be treated as an Unofficial Withdrawal and 50% of their aid will be returned as required by law. Students who received grades or symbols of Failure (F), No Credit (NC), No Basis for Grade (Y), or Incomplete (I) have "earned" their financial aid. Unless they have unofficially withdrawn, the University will not make adjustments to their financial aid.