Students who withdraw before 75% of the semester is completed may be eligible to receive refunds for a part of the tuition and some fees. Students have the right to cancel their enrollment agreement and obtain a refund by submitting a Notice of Cancellation Form to the Admissions and Records Office at 401 15th Street, Oakland, California 94612. If already enrolled in classes, students must also obtain a Withdrawal Form, secure the signatures specified on the form, and submit it to the Office along with the Notice of Cancellation Form. Only when the completed withdrawal form has been submitted, does the withdrawal become official. Students, who simply absent themselves from classes or tell the instructors that they are withdrawing from the University without filing the withdrawal form, may receive the failing grades (F) or other appropriate non-credit grades. The effective date to determine a refund of fees will be based and computed from the last day of attending classes. This determination is based on the instructor’s attendance form. A student granted a leave of absence is considered to have withdrawn from the University. If the student drops out without officially withdrawing, the institution will designate the student’s withdrawal date at the end of the enrollment period for which the student has been charged, at the end of the current academic year, or at the end of the educational program, whichever is earliest. The institution may accept medical or legal records in lieu of timely withdrawal paperwork in determining an earlier withdrawal date, as established on a case-by-case basis. Refunds to LU scholarships or discount recipients are first applied to repayment of aid disbursed.

Refunds will be made within 30 days of official withdrawal, or 30 days of the date of the last day of attendance as reflected in the instructor’s attendance records, or the end of the semester in which the withdrawal occurred, whichever is sooner. The refund distribution will be handled as prescribed by federal and state laws and accrediting body regulations. The refund procedure is uniformly applied to all students regardless of the form of tuition payment. In case of conflicting laws and/or regulations, Federal and/or State regulations will take precedence in that order. A student may receive a refund check only if the refund amount exceeds the balance he/she owes to the University. The basis for refunds is as follows:

Students who cancel the registration and withdraw from the University on or before the second class session or the 14th day after the classes begin, whichever is later are eligible for the full refund of the semester charges less withdrawal processing fee of $95.

All Term Charges – $95 = Refund Amount

Students who withdraw from the University after the second class session or the 14th day after the classes begin, whichever is later but before completion of 75% of the term are entitled to a refund on a prorated basis less the withdrawal processing fee of $95.

(Refundable Fees & Tuition) × (Hours Left to be Completed / Total Semester Hours) – $95 = Refund Amount

In case of program changes, students’ dropped or withdrawn class credits must be compared to added classes’ credits to determine if a refund is due. If due, the refund amount would then be determined on a prorated basis.

(Net Change of Program) × (Hours Left to be Completed / Total Semester Hours) = Refund Amount

If the University cancels or discontinues a course, students will receive a full refund of all tuition and applicable fees for that course. Refunds will be paid within 30 days from the determination of last day of class attendance or date of cancellation or withdrawal.


Students who have an unpaid balance with the University may not register for subsequent terms, and may not receive grades, transcripts, or diplomas. Students whose checks are returned or stopped due to insufficient funds or whose credit card payments are failed are subject to cancellation of their registration and to the Returned Payment Fee per transaction.