International Student Admission

In addition to the general admission requirements, all international applicants are required to provide the following documents:

  1. An "Applicant’s Declaration of Finances" form and a "Sponsor’s Affidavit of Support" form with a bank statement or a verification letter from an officer of the bank or other financial institution giving the present balance, which must equal or exceed the amount required for one year of study ($18,960).

  2. Proof of English proficiency is required for all regular students from countries or schools where English is not an official educational language. Applicants should provide results of a recognized English proficiency test equivalent to at least the following levels of TOEFL scores:  61 (internet-based) / 173 (computer-based) / 500 (paper-based) for undergraduate and certificate programs, and 71/195/525 and 79/213/550 correspondingly for the Masters’ and DBA programs. The test should be approved by the University’s English Department. If test results are not available, English proficiency will be evaluated on campus. To determine English level for proper students’ placement, the University uses the following: a) Michigan Test of English Language Proficiency (MTELP), b) Comprehensive English Language Test Structure (CELT-SA), c) Comprehensive English Language Test Listening (CELT-LA), d) writing sample, e) a personal interview. The tests will be scheduled at the University prior to registration. Applicants whose scores do not meet the requirements may be admitted as unclassified auditors or to the non-credit Intensive Academic English Preparation (IAEP) courses for at least one semester, and considered for admission to the regular program after a new round of testing.
  3. A photocopy of the passport or equivalent document.

  4. All documents must be accompanied by notarized English translation.

Foreign applicants applying from within the United States must also submit the following items:

  1. A photocopy of the I-94 Arrival-Departure record and the U.S. visa.

  2. A photocopy of all relevant documents from schools previously attended in the United States, including official transcripts of all academic work taken there.