MS in Finance Management Program Learning Outcomes (MSFM PLOs)

Students graduating from MS in Finance Management (FM) program are expected to have a demonstrable set of skills and knowledge that makes them very attractive employment candidates for business firms seeking new financial management-level talent. They will be able to:

  • Demonstrate expert level understanding of major theories and concepts of Finance Management including international finance and securities, commercial banking and lending, investments to real estate and stock market to make informed business management decisions (MSFM PLO1).
  • Effectively apply appropriate qualitative and quantitative techniques and technology to address and solve real-world financial problems for a company (MSFM PLO2).
  • Identify and evaluate diverse financing and finance management scenarios and demonstrate the finance management skills needed to address problems in each scenario (MSFM PLO3).
  • Recognize ethical issues in the domain of finance management, apply the standards of moral behavior in various situations, and implement proper ethical decision-making framework in an organization (MSFM PLO4).
  • Develop and exhibit effective narrative communications, and present reports and findings, orally or in written form to diverse professional audiences (MSFM PLO5).