MS in Finance Management Program Course Composition

I. Required Core Courses
  BA 301 Managerial Economics* 3  
  BA 303 Finance Management 3  
  BA 340 Managerial Accounting & Financial Control 3  
  BA 380 Business Research Methodology* 3  
  BA 490B Business Strategy & Decision-Making for Finance Management 4  
Total MS in FM Core Courses: 16 Units
* The courses may be substituted by the Provost to satisfy
an academic interest of a student.
II. MS in FM Elective Courses
Students should choose five (5) of the following courses:
  BA 414 International Finance 4  
  BA 444 International Securities and Foreign Exchange 4  
  BA 445 Commercial Banking and Lending 4  
  BA 460 Quantitative Methods for Business and Finance Management 4  
  BA 463 Investment Science 4  
  BA 464 Investments (Real Estate) 4  
  BA 465 Investments (Stock Market) 4  
  BA 466 Econometrics 4  
  BA 467 Credit Risk Management 4  
  BA 486 Special Topics in Graduate Business Studies (FM) 4  
  BA 492 Graduate Internship and Report in Finance and Investments 4  
Total MS in FM Elective Courses: 20 Units
Total Required for the MS in FM Degree 36 Units
Required for the MS in FM Degree with Foundation Courses up to 54 Units