MS Degree Program Composition and Foundation Courses

The MS degrees are designed for those qualified students who have an undergraduate and/or graduate degree in business and desire to acquire professional-level skills and knowledge in a specific business discipline. The programs academic structure includes required five (5) core courses and a set of special elective courses, all of which support the student’s efforts to gain an in-depth and applied understanding of the business area they have chosen for their continuing professional and career growth. The availability of a broad selection of elective courses provides students with the opportunity to tailor their degree program to their academic backgrounds and career interests. Students with undergraduate or graduate business degrees are required to complete at least 36 semester credit units of courses in order to earn the MS degrees. Students who do not have previous post-secondary education in areas important for major studies, may be required to complete up to 18 units of courses in the following areas: business foundations, accounting, mathematics, economics, statistics, finance, management, psychology, marketing, or computer science. Foundation courses will be determined based on the assessment by the Provost, Registrar, or an academic advisor. Appropriate adjustments, based on individual background, may lead to somewhat different requirements. All foundation courses should be completed during the first 24 credit units of the study.