MS Programs Course Structure

MS core courses on 300 level consist of four 3-unit courses (M1/M2) given in a form of 45 hours of lectures each. MS five 4-unit elective courses (M2R) on 400 level and one 4-unit core course on 400 level (M2RA) consist of lecture and a faculty-supervised practicum research component. The lecture component consists of 45 hours of lectures and is classroom-based. The practicum component is based on an instructor-approved independent study project that should be research-based and consists of 45 hours of out-of-classroom work. Supervision by the instructor will include continuous monitoring of the student’s progress in terms of their study project’s stated objectives, evaluation of the student’s final written project report, and its oral presentation in front of a committee of at least one faculty member (different from the advisor). This will give students consulting and presentation experiences. Graduate Internship and Report (BA 481, BA 482) courses are focused on a student's specific internship and an analytical report about it with total supervised work of at least 180 hours. The course is finalized by a written document, reviewed by an instructor and its oral presentation.