MBA Program Learning Outcomes (MBA PLOs)

Upon completion of the program, students will be able to:

  • Develop and exhibit applied and theoretical knowledge and effectively integrate quantitative problem-solving skills and technology to address real-world management problems (MBA PLO1).
  • Demonstrate organizational and leadership skills necessary for setting strategic objectives and effective implementation of decisions and policies for team performance (MBA PLO2)
  • Integrate theoretical knowledge, problem-solving skills, and practical experiences to formulate solutions and identify risks conducting strategic analyses, operational planning and control in a typical business organization (MBA PLO3).
  • Evaluate and select decision-support methodologies to address issues related to global business enterprises (MBA PLO4).
  • Identify ethical problems in business organizations and reach decisions within moral organizational framework (MBA PLO5).
  • Conduct effective narrative communications, and present findings, orally or in written form to diverse professional audiences that allow critiques of strategic matters (MBA PLO6).
  • Demonstrate autonomy and creativity for managing complex professional practices (MBA PLO7).