BA in Business Administration GE Learning Outcomes (BA GELOs)

BA GELO1 Written Communication: Communicate effectively in multiple creative and professional writing genres by applying Standard American English and appropriate software.
BA GELO2 Verbal Communication: Communicate effectively verbally in various professional and social contexts.
BA GELO3 Quantitative Skills: Demonstrate proficiency in college-level mathematics, be able to represent mathematical information symbolically, visually, and verbally; interpret and apply quantitate methods to solve practical problems.
BA GELO4 Information Literacy: Identify, evaluate, and synthesize information from relevant publications and reports.
BA GELO5 Critical Thinking: Apply critical thinking skills and common sense to approach and solve real-world problems. Demonstrate proficiency in skills that sustain lifelong learning, particularly to think critically and responsibly in assessing, evaluating, and integrating information.
BA GELO6 Ethics: Understand the responsibilities of active citizenship, community engagement, social responsibility, and professional integrity.
BA GELO7 Broad Knowledge: Demonstrate understanding of natural and social sciences; humanities; history; and psychology - knowledge important for a successful business professional in 21st century.