DBA Program Composition

The Lincoln University DBA is a structured degree program requiring of a minimum of 93 graduate units of academic credit for graduation, including 54 required core courses' credits, 27 concentration courses' credits including 4 credits for an internship, and 12 credits for dissertation or research.  Some credits of the core or concentration courses may be satisfied through granting of transfer graduate credits for newly admitted DBA students with Master's degrees. The granting of transfer credits toward the DBA degree will be based on a careful review of the student's graduate transcripts and detailed comparison of already completed courses to the content of each applicable DBA course. Students will need to support their transfer credit request with course syllabi from the institution awarding the credit. Students who do not have a business degree may also request consideration for transfer credit where they can provide evidence that they have successfully completed an equivalent of a DBA course at the graduate level.

Students admitted to the DBA program with undergraduate degrees can elect to complete an MBA degree while pursuing their doctorate. The prescribed course of study for the MBA degree is comprised of the successful completion of the 12 three-unit core and concentration courses and a final comprehensive qualifying exam, or 11 courses and an MBA research project or an internship report. DBA concentration and research project (dissertation) courses will be developed and offered on a time-phased basis. The scheduling of these courses will be based on expected student readiness to take them, as evidenced by the completion of a majority of the core courses.

The matriculation timeframe that will apply to DBA students is as follows:

  1. Courses for the first two years (3-4 courses per fall and spring semester) will be sequenced to enable the student's completion of the program's block of core and concentration courses equivalent to an MBA degree completion.
  2. Courses for the third year will be scheduled for the completion of core courses, and preparation for the comprehensive qualifying exam.
  3. Qualifying exams will be administered upon completion of all required core and at least 20 units of the concentration coursework.
  4. If the exam is successfully passed, it will be followed by a faculty-approved dissertation topic, and the title of a Doctoral Candidate.
  5. Courses for the fourth year consist of concentration: elective, special dissertation preparation, research courses, and internships.
  6. Courses in the fifth year will be sequenced as follows: successful completion of all required coursework and internship, research seminars, and exams; the written report and oral defense of the dissertation which culminates with graduation and award of the DBA degree. 
  7. Some foundation courses can be required for students whose previous education is not in the fields of business or economics. See the MBA program description for the details.