The BA in Business Administration / MBA joint enrollment option is designed to apply for a course of study leading to a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and an MBA degree in a shorter time frame than pursuing each degree independently. Students accepted into this joint enrollment option may be able to complete both degrees in five years, instead of six or six and a half years common for the sequential programs study.

The BA in Business Administration / MBA joint enrollment option is based on Lincoln University’s existing curriculum for accredited undergraduate and graduate degrees. Transcripts from other institutions of higher education presented by students will be evaluated to determine the amount of transfer credit that can be granted toward earning Lincoln University’s undergraduate degree, and to determine the length of enrollment required for a student to successfully complete both degrees. Students pay the undergraduate rate per unit until they earn 125 units of credit and continue with graduate courses.


Applicants for this joint enrollment option must meet all existing undergraduate degree program requirements related to GPA standards and TOEFL scores, including transcripts covering all completed college-level academic coursework. Admitted students must maintain a GPA sufficient to meet the admission requirements for Lincoln University’s MBA program.


The grade point average requirements currently established for Lincoln University’s undergraduate and graduate programs also apply to the students with the BA in Business Administration / MBA joint enrollment option.


Courses with asterisks (*) are not transferable from other institutions, and can be taken after at least 90 units of credit of lower division courses have been completed.

  1. General Education Courses 45 units
  2. BA Lower Division Courses 16 units
  3. BA in BA Core Courses 21 units
  4. BA in BA Concentration 21 units
  5. *Electives BA/MBA Core and Concentration 15 units
    (BA 301, BA 304, BA306, BA 320, an MBA concentration course)  
  6. *BA / MBA Common Core 7 units (BA 240/340, BA 215/307)

    BA in BA degree awarded at 125 units

  7. *MBA Concentration 9 units
  8. *MBA Core (BA 380) 3 units
  9. *MBA Project/Internship/Exam 3 units

    MBA degree awarded at 36 graduate units