Bachelor of Arts (BA) Introduction

The undergraduate Business Administration program provides an integrated interdisciplinary education. Students receive a solid foundation in the principal functional areas of a modern commercial enterprise, as well as concentrated advanced preparation in an area of their choice. Thus, the graduate is well prepared for the challenges and responsibilities of today's business world. Of particular benefit to students and their future employers is the strong international focus of the program. This comes not only from the world-conscious course offerings, but from interaction with fellow students. Students in the business program come from over 40 different countries, representing most regions of the world.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Program Structure

The Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration (BA in BA) Program consists of 125 units, containing 45 units of General Education and three major parts: general business administration courses, courses from an area of concentration, and elective courses. All undergraduate business students are required to complete the 44-unit general business administration (GBA) requirements. This program enables students to gain a comprehensive business background in the principal areas of business operations.

To graduate, all students must have a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.0 (C) or better by the end of the program and complete 45 units of General Education courses, 44 units of General Business Administration courses, 21 units of concentration courses, and 15 units of elective courses. The program may include an optional minor of 18 units.

The BA degree program is based upon four years of full-time study. Upon approval of the administration, appropriate units earned at other institutions of higher education may be transferred and used toward obtaining the BA degree at Lincoln University, and may shorten the time until graduation.