school186.jpg Because Lincoln University‚Äôs programs are based upon the active participa¬¨tion of all class members, regular attendance at classes is essential. Each student is expected to be present for scheduled class periods, to be punctual, and to remain in class for the entire scheduled period. Excessive absence or tardiness may result in loss of credit, lowering of grade, or dismissal from the university.      

Administrative policies on absences from classes are as follows:
♦ A student receives a warning notice after missing 12% of all classes registered in a term.
♦ A student is placed on probation after missing 18% of all classes registered in a term.
♦ A student may be dismissed after missing 30% of all classes registered in a term.

Absences covering such emergencies as serious illness or similar may be excused by the Director of Records without loss of credit for a period of up to 21 days, provided the absence is properly documented. If the Records Office receives no excuse, the student will be considered as having no excuse, and appropriate action will be taken. Instructors may dismiss a student from a course after missing 3 consecutive class meetings.

The University is required by the United States Department of Homeland Security to report all foreign students who are dropped for excessive absences.