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Job Title: Education Program Marketing Specialist

Job Description:

  • Develop and implement marketing plan of University. Direct marketing surveys and strategies to university staff, students, and general public.
  • Devise and evaluate methods and procedures for collecting data, such as surveys or questionnaires.
  • Work on compiling educational market research data for presentation and analysis.
  • Conduct market analysis on current and potential education programs.
  • Keep abreast of trends in higher education.
  • Gather and analyze data on students' preferences needed to identify potential markets.
  • Consider emerging trends that may have impact with the university's recruitment and enrollment efforts.
  • Plan, create, print, and distribute marketing materials for the university.
  • Develop marketing strategies and manage database involving university's activities.
  • Recruit students through direct marketing, advertising, PR, online and social media.
  • Organize and manage school events to provide management with information and proposals concerning the promotion, distribution, design, and pricing of university's services.

Job Requirements:

Bachelors Degree in International Business or Communications and 2 years of experience in market research.

Apply by Mail:
Lincoln University
401 15th St
Oakland , CA 94612