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Educational Philosophy

Lincoln University’s educational approach combines a continuously evolving up-to-date curriculum development with the recruiting of established, professional faculty who can provide state-of-the-art education. Lincoln University developed a perspective built upon institutional goals and learning outcomes. Our success can be measured in part by the number of individual lives the University helped to shape. Most of our students attribute their achievements to education received in the school. Our university plays a vital role in students’ life by providing an educational setting where students can foster quality education, good citizenship, personal involvement, and contribution to the world community.

The University is conducive to building students’ confidence and active participation during individualized faculty-student interaction. The diversity of cultural backgrounds on campus exposes our students and faculty to life stories from all over the world and enhances students’ social skills and presents a great opportunity for personal growth. The following values summarize our philosophy: partnership, accountability, compassion, excellence, effectiveness, and inclusiveness.

We are committed to students’ development of personal competency by providing educational experience to aid the students in the realization of personal goals; serving the students by offering programs in which an integral component will focus on international and cross-cultural dimensions. The University strives to give students a background in general studies as well as specialized knowledge in a chosen field. While the University offers its students a wealth of valuable knowledge, it believes that its primary task is to teach students not only concepts but also the process of discovery, analysis, and successful application. Thus, our programs encompass a foundation of concepts and theory, blended with real-life applications.