Choosing Lincoln University

Since 1919, Lincoln University has always maintained an interracial and intercultural orientation. The geographical and historical influence of the San Francisco Bay Area has attracted students from many nations, especially the countries around the Pacific Rim. Accordingly, the university has sought to provide an international setting for its students. The students are encouraged to be intellectually curious in the pursuit of knowledge and understanding of cultural differences and similarities, and serious in efforts to find solutions to the problems of the world today. In recent years, students from more than forty countries have been enrolled at Lincoln University.

Lincoln University is a community of learning, whose members including administration, faculty, and students, hold a variety of unique cultural backgrounds and traits. The curriculum is grounded on general studies and is designed to encourage individual exploration of advanced studies. The University conducts its programs with a conscious focus upon the cross-cultural dimensions of learning.

Lincoln University provides post-secondary education opportunities for all students, regardless of their country of origin, socio-economic level, race, ethnic, or religious backgrounds. The University holds a policy of open admission to all qualified students.

Each student is a separate and unique individual who is respected as such. One of the objectives for each faculty member is to respect and to enhance the dignity and worth of each student. The services provided by the University are distinguished by their specific ability to meet the needs of students who are reaching to their unique goals. To this end, each faculty and staff member contributes to the process of guidance and counseling.